Thank you for your interest in our Alaskan Malamutes.


For inquiries & reservations for our upcoming 2017 litter, please provide the requested information so we can better assist you.  If you are interested in an adult dog or older pup: please use the same form. 


  • First & last name
  • Phone number & best time to reach you
  • Location (Will you need us to arrange transport?
  • Have you owned a malamute before? If so, where did you get him/her?
  • If not, are you familiar with the challenges of living with this breed?
  • How do you plan to house train and safely confine your puppy?
  • Any children, if so, what ages? 
  • Other pets in the home, if so, what type (age/male/female/breed)? 
  • Type of dog you are looking for: male/female/either; puppy/adult; pet/show.
  • Time frame you are considering for adding a dog to your family? 
  • Own or rent home? 
  • Fenced yard? Enclosed deck? Kennel run?
  • Do you have time to take a dog through several weeks of training classes?
  • How did you hear of our kennel? Facebook? Google? Other?
  • Please feel free to add anything else that you would like us to consider.


Thank you for taking the time to respond to our puppy questionnaire. We are  selective about our puppy placements and want to ensure that our pups and prospective clients are a good match. Malamutes are wonderful dogs, but not suitable for everyone.


Warm wishes,

The Snowlion Team









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